Pass the Mallows 


Marshmallows are great on their own. Even though it’s not s’mores season doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy marshmallows.

They taste great in hot chocolate, or dipped in chocolate. Or with anything that has to do with chocolate. They’re such a versatile food product.

I love making cupcakes. They’re so easy and adorable. What I hate is the frosting part. But I was staring at the bag of marshmallows in my pantry and thought, what if I used a marshmallow as the frosting?

Sure enough, Google had answers. Just a few minutes in the oven and you have frosted cup cakes.


Marshmallow Frosting

1 box of cake or cupcake mix and the required ingredients (I made chocolate cupcakes, but it’s up to you)
1 package of marshmallows (I bought regular marshmallows, but you could also use mini)

Mix all the cake ingredients in a bowl. Pour into cupcake liners and place in oven.

Set the timer for 4 minutes less than the required time.

Then take out your cupcakes and place marshmallows on top. A trick to keep the marshmallows from sliding off the cupcake is to dip half of them in water, sticking that part to the cupcake.


Bake for 3-5 minutes. They will puff up first and then you will see the marshmallows start to melt.

Take them out of the oven and use a spatula to lightly spread out the marshmallow. They’re going to be sticky, so be careful. Make sure the marshmallows haven’t browned at all because that makes them difficult to spread.

For an added flavor, I added a layer of Peanut Butter Whips underneath and then put a marshmallow on top. Play around with the recipe and let us know what other combinations you come up with!

S’mores cupcake addition: Crumble some graham crackers over the top of your cupcakes while they’re cooling. S’mores are always in season!


Post, Recipe, and Photos by Katie Paige.