IKEA’s New Balls


Your vegan meatball prayers have been answered. Starting this April, IKEA stores everywhere will be rolling out “Veggie Balls.” That’s right, Veggie Balls. Now the vegans and vegetarians of the world can too enjoy cheap IKEA food, right after we get done buying our cardboard European furniture.

We here at Silver Spork News are looking forward to reviewing the balls ourselves and letting you all know what we think. Will they be seitan-based? Hopefully. Will they be bean-based? Please Odin, no. Will they be more expensive than their original balls? Probably. After IKEA went though the horse meat issue in their original meatballs we are a little concerned about how their vegan ones will turn out. IKEA claims their Veggie Balls will be free from any animal products. All eyes are on you, FDA. We will need to see that ingredient list for ourselves before we believe the contents of these balls.

IKEA is not the only quick service food location working on their vegan friendly menu. Chipotle and even White Castle are rolling out more vegan-friendly options this year. Stay tuned to Silver Spork News for reviews on these new fast food vegan options. Hopefully they don’t taste like dirt or contain fish. Because fish is vegan, right?

Post by Kylie Torres. Photo from random dark corner of the internet.