Stirring Up A Classic: Moscow Mule


Apparently, you can learn something new when you Google. Which is what just happened to me. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making another cocktail, so I went venturing into Google to learn the specifics for my drink of choice: the Moscow Mule.

My favorite restaurant makes THE BEST Moscow Mule. And every time that chilled copper mug comes to me with ginger and whiskey – I do a little happy dance. Little, because the restaurant is usually packed and I don’t have the space to do a full on “Dayna loves the food/drink” dance.

So, back to what I learned. After my initial “how to make a Moscow Mule” Google phrase was entered, several recipes showed up and they had just three ingredients:

  1. Lime (there was a panic moment, but I found one lime hiding under some pears)
  2. Ginger Beer (YES! I still have 3 bottles left over from last week!)
  3. Vodka

*Cue my quizzical head tilt*

It seems that vodka is the thing that makes it a real Moscow Mule, while bourbon makes what some people call a Kentucky Mule.  And since I love vodka* I decided to make one for myself.

Without further ado, here’s how I made my Moscow Mule.


Moscow Mule

Cut the lime in half and squeeze the lime juice into a tall glass (recipes will tell you to use a Collins glass. But while I am an adult, I’m not an adultadult – meaning I just used the tallest glass I own).

Add three or four ice cubes to the glass.

Pour in about 2-4 oz of vodka (Again, I’m not an adultadult, so I put in one shot).

Pour in Ginger Beer until the glass is full!

And aside from giving it a little stir to make sure everything’s mixed together, that’s it. Raise your glass and toast to the weekend.

*Seriously, this was the first hard liquor I ever had (after turning 21, or course!). Vodka is the best, which is why there is always a bottle in my freezer.

Post and Photos by Dayna Brownfield. Recipe via Esquire.