Roasted Marshmallow Shots

marsh shot

About this time in the season, many of you are probably starting to feel a bit stir crazy and longing for the warmer days of spring. Unfortunately, the all-knowing oracle we consult at this time of year, and I am of course talking about Punxsutawney Phil, has ordained that we will be subjected to six more weeks of winter. So, here is a recipe to help remind you of summer campfires and to make your confinement more bearable, if not outright fantastic!

Now, these babies may look simple but they actually require finesse and adroit skill to create. In fact, most of mine only bore a passing resemblance to the photo above. Luckily though, making them look like the picture is not the point!

If you look up reviews, some people have dissed these little babies because they could not get them to look like a shot and they were messy. I say to that, relax a little folks! Roasting marshmallows is always messy. Just go with it. Part of the fun is getting marshmallow gook all over your face! And that particular cleanup process is rather enjoyable. And if your shot glass is not a masterpiece of architectural design (i.e. fails to trap the booze), just grab a spork and continue eating!

Roasted Marshmallow Shots

1 package Jumbo Marshmallows
Skewers (metal or wood is alright but remember wood burns so plan accordingly, unless you want to sacrifice your marshmallow to the fiery depths)
Flame (fire place, gas stove, lighter, Bunsen burner, torch, flame thrower)
Coffee flavored liqueur (Kahlua, Patron XO Café – both excellent options so dealer’s choice on this one)
Melon baller
Plate (any size)

Stick skewer through marshmallow. Be sure to only go about halfway so you don’t poke a hole in the bottom.

Roast marshmallow over flame. Adjust time to desired level of toasty-ness. I prefer the pretty burnt variety myself but if you just want a nice golden tan simply adjust exposure to flame.

Carefully remove marshmallow from the skewer and onto plate.

While holding the marshmallow in place, use the melon baller to create a hole in the center. Once the marshmallow has cooled a bit, feel free to use your finger to increase the alcohol potential of the shot glass.

Carefully pour alcohol of choice into your newly created mallow shot glass and consume! In order for the marshmallow to stay warm and toasty, you can’t really make these in bulk, so if you intend to have more than three, maybe you should allow a more sober companion to be the keeper of the fire.

Post by Alex Castanon. Picture from