Coconut Milk at Starbucks

coconut milk

Call out to all coconut lovers: Starbucks will start letting you add coconut milk to your beverages February 17th!

That’s right. This is great news for all you vegans and omnivores alike. Well, that is, if you like coconut. The coconut milk will change the taste of your drink more than most traditional milks. But if the idea of a coconut milk mocha makes you drool, then get excited for February 17th.

As you could expect from a multinational corporation, your new delicious coconut milk will not come free. There will be an additional 60 cent charge to have this cruelty-free option, which is the same amount extra they charge for soy milk.

So, why coconut milk and not almond milk, you might ask? Starbucks “cares about nut allergies,” I guess. The company doesn’t want to take any cross-contamination risks with nut allergies on the rise.

Unfortunately the new milk option will only be available in the United States, for now. If it is a success we should expect to see the milk branch out globally within the next couple of years.

Now if only Starbucks could get its life together and provide a vegan-friendly whipped cream option, that would be fantastic.

Post by Kylie Torres. Photo from Starbucks. Source: