Better Than Sex Cake


Prepare yourself for some serious food porn! The following recipe is the love child of candy, cool whip, chocolate cake, and fudge. This recipe is so rich, calorie-laden and utterly droolworthy that it needs its own safe word. Let’s say…Kale! Yes, that was a reference to Fifty Shades of Grey. I know you’ve read the book, don’t even lie to me!

Not too hard to craft and a great way to impress your loved one. Or… just yourself. Anything with chocolate as the primary ingredient certainly gets my seal of approval. This baby is a beautiful addition to any occasion but given its oh-so-naughty name, February 14th is pretty much the ideal time to break out this recipe and give it a whirl!

Now, don’t go starting some big debate about whether the cake is actually better than sex. For the sake of argument, let’s just change the name to something like “Better with Sex Cake,” because, we can all agree that whether alone or with a date, everyone could use some cake!

If you are blushing just saying the name, feel free to call it by its other moniker. Poke cake. Wait…that’s not much better. Oh, well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Better than Sex Cake

1 box German chocolate cake mix (not actually from Germany–I know, everything you thought you knew is a lie! But the inventor’s last name was German so rest easy)
Wooden spoon (or any object to poke holes in cake)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 jar hot fudge sauce (of butterscotch if that’s your preference)
1 container cool whip
Candy of choice (Skor and Heath Bars are amazing but no limits on this count, really use as much as you want and in whatever variety you choose…Freedom!)

Bake German chocolate cake according to the box guidelines.

Use wooden spoon to poke holes evenly all over the cake. The idea is to create little homes for the sweet milk and fudge. If the holes are too close together you will get a crater, which is not your goal.

Pour condensed sweet milk into all of the holes in the cake. Be sure to spread evenly or you will get soggy bits and sink holes. Not sexy in a cake.

Add fudge to the holes in the cake. Don’t be stingy; after all, it’s supposed to be a day of love…and sugar. Mostly sugar 😉 If you have extra fudge, dribble it over the rest of the cake.

Allow the cake to cool for 15-20 minutes.

Spread cool whip over the entire cake. If the cool whip melts, wait longer. Cake is nooootttt cool enough.

Crush the candy bars into amazing little bits and sprinkle over the cake.

Consume with reckless abandon!

Post by Alex Castanon. Photo from Wee Eats. Recipe found at Barefoot Baking.