The Lowdown on Skinny Pop

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We all know the Lay’s Potato Chip slogan “bet you can’t have just one.”

And, Sporkers, you know it’s true with any salty, snack item. Especially when it comes to popcorn.

From a young age, we’ve learned to associate the smell of melted butter and popcorn with a day at the movies. Popcorn is something to mindlessly snack on that won’t fill you up even when you reach the bottom of the bucket. But it’s okay because popcorn is technically corn. Right?

But now that I’m older and trying to eat “healthy,” I just stand there watching them thoroughly coat each individual kernel with butter and feel guilty. My guilt-free snack transforms into a bucket of pure butter, any health benefits quickly counteracted.

Americans are slowly stepping away from processed ingredients and asking where their food comes. There’s a desire for organic and all-natural ingredients, the amount of organic stores steadily increasing.

Different types of low calorie popcorn are being introduced as good snack alternatives. Popcorn doesn’t have to be coated in butter to taste delicious.

The two big contenders I’ve seen are Skinny Pop and BoomChickaPop. Pick up a bag and you’ll recognize all the ingredients on the label.


Skinny Pop: Three ingredients. Popcorn. Sunflower oil. And salt. Simple but delicious.

Flavors: original, white cheddar, pepper and naturally sweet

Boom Chicka Pop: Four Ingredients. Popcorn. Cane Sugar. Sunflower oil. And salt. The cane sugar with the salt gives it a sweet and salty taste.

Flavors: sea salt, caramel cheddar, lightly sweet, sweet & spicy, white cheddar, kettle corn, organic maple sea salt, sea salt & vinegar, and salted caramel

So the next time you’re heading to the movies, skip that bucket of $10 movie theater popcorn. Instead, slip a bag of Skinny pop into you bag, or maybe two. But if you get caught, you didn’t hear that from us.

Post and Skinny Pop picture by Katie Paige. BoomChickaPop picture from