Taste-Testing Starbucks Coconut Milk


The coconut milk is here! Starbucks has officially added coconut milk as an option to their menus nationwide. We tried it and Silver Spork News loves it! The coconut milk does not add an overwhelming coconut flavor to the drink. The milk is subtle and really lets the flavor of whatever beverage you’re adding it to stand out. In comparison to their other alternative milk option, soy, it is much thinner. The beverage you order will have less froth on top and not be as thick in texture. The coconut milk is also sweeter than the soy, making the drink have an added sugary component.


Some people are complaining about the new coconut milk not being 100% coconut milk. Confused yet? What this means is that the coconut milk Starbucks is using is similar to soy milk in the way that soy milk is not 100% soy beans (ew). Starbucks is using boxed coconut milk with added ingredients to make it… well, more milklike and not what you would use to cook your coconut curry. Because let’s face it, that thick stuff you buy in a can would not taste good in your poshy $10 drink. So, if you hear anyone complaining about the new milk, tell them they’re an idiot and to go drink some canned coconut milk to see if they want that to ruin their beverage.


Go forth, Sporkers, and try adding coconut milk to your next Starbucks drink!

Post and Photo by Kylie Torres.