Whipped Honey


It’s hard to believe that less than a week ago I lived blissfully unaware of a sweet, heavenly substance that would soon change everything about the way I saw life, love, and bees: whipped honey.

This affair of the heart began last Sunday when my roommate and I ventured to the laundromat together. If you live deep in Queens, this can involve lugging your dirty clothes onto the subway because it’s faster than walking ten blocks on an icy sidewalk, so it’s best to make a production of it and bring a fellow adventurer.

While our clothes were drying, we ventured down to the nearby farmer’s market to browse the wares. Being a lover of foods that arrive home from the store ready to eat, I rarely find reasons to visit places that proudly purvey vegetables and other things that require preparation. The last thing I ever expected was to fall in love in a second, in a taste.

It was the free sample that did it. I don’t normally give street stalls a passing glance, but give me anything on a tiny spoon and we’re in business. And boy, was this ever worth stopping for!

To the uninitiated, whipped honey (or honey butter, if you’d rather sound less like you’re using a condescending nickname for your significant other) is 100% pure honey that’s whipped at the beginning of the normal crystallization. The result is a thick, spreadable paste that’s supposed to be great when spread on toast. I wouldn’t know, though; I’ve been eating it raw with my tiny sample spoon, which is a shortcut to the amazingness. If you’re wondering about the taste, it flows across your tongue in a waterfall of sweetness, feeling sticky and substantial yet also pleasingly grandular. But you won’t truly understand until you’ve tried it.

The sad ending to this perfect love story? As I write these words, I’m scraping the last dregs of whipped honey out of the $10 jar I bought less than a week ago. You thought this tiny sample spoon would slow me down? Think again. But I know I’ll find it again. When two soulmates are meant to be together, they’ll find their way back to each other.

Post and Photo by Bailey James. Incredible Whipped Honey by Andrew’s Amazing Whipped Honey.