Confessions of a Caffeine Addict


There’s something to be said about your coffee intake when your psych student sister sends you a diagnosis from the DSM5 for “Caffeine Intoxication*” and the message: thought of you.

So basically, I drink A LOT of coffee. Ok, maybe there should be a better word than a lot, but it’s the best one I can think of that won’t make people bug out when they hear just how much coffee I can drink.

But I mean, who here hasn’t brewed an entire 8-cups from a coffeemaker just for themselves and drank it all in an hour.

…, it’s just me that does that, then. Huh.

Alright, yes I love coffee. But it’s not something that I was always a fan of. Like most things, I was first introduced to coffee in college. During my sophomore year, I lived in a campus building that had a giant coffee machine.

And for some reason, I always had early morning classes. So I started drinking coffee as a way to “amp up” for the day. And with that first cup, I knew I had found something magical.

Coffee for me, unlike most people, isn’t really about the caffeine. Despite how my sister diagnosed my caffeine intake, I love coffee because, over the years, it’s become something that I’ve been able to learn about and refine my palate.

I started learning the difference between bad and good coffee and that there are SO MANY methods to making (or brewing) coffee: Chemex, Pour Over, French Press, Drip.

For me, coffee is about understanding and appreciating something that serves as a “must have” for most, and seeing it as something that brings flavor and experience to my morning routine.

And as my love (and, let’s face it, addiction) to coffee has grown, I have learned one important thing: Decaf is the devil.

*caffeine intoxication (DSM-IV 305.90): typically occurs only after ingestion of large amounts of caffeine, e.g., more than 400–500 mg at a time

Post and Photo by Dayna Brownfield.