Baby Guinness Shots


St. Patrick’s Day is in the air, and we’ve all been inundated by advertisments for all things green! Shamrocks, rivers, beer, eggs and ham. But this year, instead of partaking in the same old green beer, why not try something new? Baby Guinness shot! The name itself just screams Ireland! After all, Guinness originated in Dublin and to us Americans might as well be the official beverage of the Emerald Isle.

However, and contrary to the name, this shot contains absolutely no Guinness. In fact nothing even remotely tasting like stout resides within this drink. It got its name because when prepared just right, this shot looks, as the name implies, like the adorable offspring of a pint of Guinness.

You will need a little finesse to pull this magic trick off however. You can’t screw up the flavor but the presentation can be tricky. If you want the shooter to live up to its reputation as a mini doppelganger, you have to get the pour just right. The idea is to make the cream look like foam on top of a beer so a steady hand is a necessity. Just follow the directions, you’ll be fine!

So capture the feeling and get into the spirit of all things Irish! Grab a Baby Guinness, maybe an adult version too, and watch some Boondock Saints!

Baby Guinness Shots

1 and 1/2 ounces Patrón XO Café
3/4 ounces Bailey’s Irish cream


Chill the Patrón XO Café and Bailey’s Irish cream so they are nice and cool.

Pour the Patrón XO Café into a shot glass.

Holding a spoon to the side of the glass just above the surface of the drink, slowly pour the Bailey’s Irish cream over the spoon and down the side of the glass to float on top.

Now, enjoy your little ersatz taste of Ireland!

*For a twist on this recipe, pour the mixture over ice to make the drink last. It loses the look of a miniature stout but the taste is still phenomenal!

Post by Alex Castanon. Photo courtesy of Recipe adapted from