Irish Car Bomb

In America an Irish Car Bomb is a commonly ordered cocktail. In Ireland an Irish Car Bomb might be seen a little differently. Thanks, Real IRA, you real assholes.

But St. Patty’s Day is as much about Ireland as Christmas is about Jesus. This is America. And in America we only celebrate one holy trinity: bald eagles, stars and stripes, and alcohol. Bust out the green dye and the guzzler helmet and get your drink on today, but stop asking people to kiss you for your heritage. If your name isn’t Ronan, Cillian, or Niall, I’m not buying what you’re selling.


Irish Car Bomb

½ shot Irish whiskey
½ shot Irish cream
1 pint Irish stout

*I recommend using Jameson whiskey, St. Brendan’s Irish cream, and Murphy’s Irish stout. But bars will mix up Jameson, Bailey’s, and Guinness.

Pour your stout into a pint glass until it’s about halfway full.

Float the whiskey on top of the Irish cream in a shot glass. Carefully. Slowly. It’s gotta look perfect so you can chug it two seconds later. If you pour too fast the whiskey and Irish cream will mix and all your friends will laugh at you. And if you don’t have friends to laugh at you I suggest just chugging the bottle of whiskey. Because it’s a holiday.

Drop the shot glass into the stout and drink quickly. No one wants it to curdle.

Chug until it’s gone, slam the drink on the table, and know that you have appropriated something bad to make it somewhat acceptable.

Good job, you. Good job.

And just like real Irish car bombs, if you take enough of these you might experience the Troubles too. The bona fide recipe actually calls for Kahlua to be added to the shot glass along with the whiskey and Irish cream. Today this is known as a Belfast Car Bomb or as the tastier Irish Car Bomb, but to each his own.

Post and recipe by Ian Sims.