Vito’s Pizza-Rant Review


Vito’s Pizza-Rant
Alpharetta, GA

Vito’s Pizza-Rant is a small Italian cuisine restaurant about 30 minutes away from Atlanta’s city center. Well, 30 minutes on a good traffic day, 6 hours on a bad one. The restaurant was founded by three cousins with a passion for quality Italian food. These cousins have created a restaurant full of healthy home-made style Italian options. Vito’s caters to the carnist, gluten-free, and of course, to the wonderful vegan community.

Like I said before, the restaurant is small. It is about the size of your average Subway or Taco Bell. One can tell by walking in that they get a lot of to-go orders. Even though they are small in size, they still have table service. The restaurant has a modern restored diner feel to it. Vito’s has a nice atmosphere and the waitstaff really makes you feel like you’re welcome.

The restaurant does not have a separate vegan menu, but rather one menu with all of their items on it and green V’s next to items that can be veganized by request. Vito’s has about one dozen vegan Italian options for entrees. I didn’t see any vegan appetizer options, so I asked the waiter. He said they could make vegan crab cakes to order but that they took some time to make. I decided against waiting and just ordered my meal, the Sausage Parmigiana Hot Sub.

I had no regrets with my choice. Though the vegan meat and cheese were not made in house, it didn’t matter. The way they cooked the sausage was on point and the tomato sauce they topped the sub with was made fresh in house. The sauce was rich in flavor and seasoned well, with almost a sweet aftertaste. The sub had that “made with love” feel to it. It wasn’t just something that was mass produced like a Subway sandwich.


For dessert they had some vegan tiramisu. To the waiter’s amusement, I asked for a bucket for it. Just one bucket of tiramisu, please. He did not give me the trough full of tiramisu I requested but I’m pretty sure he cut me off an extra big slice to amuse me. I hadn’t had tiramisu in well over six years, so the first moment of biting into this stuff was heavenly for me. The tiramisu was clearly made in house and had a fresh taste to it. There was even an essence of coconut in the whipped cream layers. The tiramisu was topped with agave nectar, which really helped bring all the flavors together.

I know what you’re thinking now, what about those crab cakes? How could any vegan pass up the idea of vegan crab cakes? After having such an amazing sub & tiramisu desert, I totally ordered the crab cakes to go. They didn’t take long to make at all. I ended up eating them about 40 minutes after leaving the restaurant. They smelled too good to leave alone for a minute longer. The crab cakes didn’t taste anything like crab, but they sure didn’t disappoint either. They seemed to be made up with some type of crumbled gluten pressed together with spices, artichokes, other grounded up vegetables, beauty, and happiness. The cakes just sort of melted away in your mouth. I’m not sure I remembered to breathe while eating them.

Okay, now know what you’re thinking again, what about the drinks? Well, as of now, they only have soda fountain options. But no worries Sporkers, they are currently working on their liquor license and plan on selling beer in the near future.

Overall I had a great experience at Vito’s. The man responsible for adding the vegan options to the menu even came out from the kitchen to ask me how I liked the meal, which was a nice touch. The overall experience was on point and I would highly recommend this restaurant to any Italian lover.

One note about this restaurant: don’t be afraid to ask questions. Their vegan desserts aren’t listed on their menu because they change regularly and neither were the crab cakes. The restaurant is very accommodating to your needs if you just ask what’s beyond the menu. I’ve even heard of a case where they made a raw vegan pasta option to order, just because someone requested it. These hidden gems are not on the menu and cannot be forgotten.

Silver Spork News rates this restaurant an eight out of ten. The food was great and authentic tasting, but I would have appreciated either a separate vegan menu or better descriptions of the vegan options. It could be confusing to some people with simply the V next to the food items. Omnivores could think that the item only comes in a vegan option and vegans might order without specifically saying to veganize it, which causes for some conflict.

Post and Photos by Kylie Torres.