Brew-Do (Beer Shampoo)

Your fun fact of the day, presented by the person who always has a random fact: you can wash your hair with beer. Believe it or not, I’ve known this for a while. My mom told my when I was a teenager that her and friends used to use beer as a shampoo (substitute) in college. And while I wasn’t willing to use only beer, I did decide to look up a beer shampoo mix.

I highly recommend allowing for the cool down and measuring things out. I kinda eyeballed my mix and it was a little more liquid than gel.

As for how well it worked, I didn’t notice anything in particular; but my one coworker did ask if I something different with my hair, like ombre. So maybe the color stood out a bit (my hair is a bit ombre since I am growing it out from a previous dye job). Overall, it’s a fun thing to try.

Brew Shampoo

Measure out 1 cup of beer.
Pour beer into a saucepan (with the lid off) on medium heat.
Boil the beer for about 15 min. The goal is to reduce it by about a half.
While the beer is boiling, measure out 1 cup of shampoo and pour it in a bowl.
Once the beer has boiled down, take the pan off the stove and let it cool, this takes about 5 to 10 min.

Beer Shampoo Part 1

This is the moment when it’s advised to partake in drinking the rest of the beer.

Once the beer is cooled, pour it into the bowl with the shampoo and stir until blended.

Beer Shampoo Part 2

Put the shampoo into a container that is preferable to shower use. I had a little shampoo container, so I used a funnel to pour the mix into it.

Beer Shampoo Part 3

Now it’s time to rub-a-dub-tub and wash your hair.

Beer Shampoo Day 1

Post and photos by Dayna Brownfield. Recipe from wikihow.