Baked Brownies, Colorado-Style


Get ready to celebrate 4/20 Colorado style! That is, if you are fortunate enough to live in this most awesome of states. Our previous articles taught you how to make brownies and oil from scratch! Fantastic and something you should definitely have in your repertoire! As I am fortunate enough to live in Colorado, however, I don’t have to work nearly so hard. I can go to my neighborhood dispensary and pick up readymade edibles that I can add to anything I so choose. Which is pretty damn easy since in Denver, dispensaries now rival Starbucks in number!

If you are not one of those privileged, feel free to visit. We are exceedingly giggly, mellow and just love the company.

This is no longer a treat reserved for smelly college stoners. Colorado has turned this into a big business enterprise complete with legitimate medical research. Incredibles take the guesswork out of cannabis edibles. They are lab tested, 100 mg per chocolate bar, and easy to divide into correct portions.

People who tried to make their own edibles in college have horror stories about eating too much and puking their guts out. Not an example to follow. These brownies are easy to make and by following the directions, you can avoid following in your unfortunate forbearers footsteps and can simply celebrate this newly legalized “holiday” in proper style and with no ill effects. Besides maybe the giggles.

We are a year into the recreational legalization of marijuana in Colorado. Welcome to the new normal. This is now a legitimate part of modern day mainstream culture. Embrace it, Sporkers!

Warning! Follow the directions on the edibles label. People get sick because they don’t know how to use it right. Edibles may take up to two hours to work. Dosage is not a joke! I may seem paranoid but a happy Sporker is one who is not projectile vomiting! Silver Spork News cares.

Also, feel free to enjoy the non-magical but equally delicious version of this recipe. Just skip the step adding the cannabis infused chocolate. We recommend this for Sporkers not residing in Colorado or other legalized states. A happy Sporker is an un-incarcerated Sporker. Internet access does not come easy in the pokey and not all ingredients are available in the commissary!


Baked Brownies, Colorado-Style

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix
Smucker’s  Salted Caramel Topping
Incredibles – Cookies and Cream (Cannabis infused edible) [Boulder Bar is also an excellent choice FYI]

Follow the directions on the ready-made brownie box for mixing the ingredients.

Mix in a quarter of the jar of salted caramel topping. Leave the rest to be drizzled on top of the finished brownies at the end!

Pour half of the ingredients into the baking dish.

Break the edible chocolate bar into pieces and spread evenly across the mixture.

Pour the rest of the brownie mixture over the  chocolate bars and bake according to the directions on the box. Be sure to spread evenly, the chocolate will melt and you don’t want to have certain sections stronger than others.

Remove from oven and let the brownies cool before drizzling your salted caramel topping and eating ONE! Wait two hours and if still feeling nothing, maybe try another. For more information about how to properly enjoy edibles, please consult the picture below.



Post, Recipe, and Brownie Photo by Alex Castanon. Edibles education photo from Colorado photo