Swad Pepper Banana Chips Review

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With the resurgence of smoothies and oil-free baked goods (like my Avocado Banana Bread), bananas have become irreplaceable in our new, health-conscious world. We at Silver Spork News fully support the yellow fruit’s popularity with avid fitness folk and cubicle warriors alike, but bananas can make a damn good guilty pleasure snack too.

Today, we will be reviewing the sinful, savory, better-than-Lay’s Swad Pepper Banana Chips. If you’ve ever had plain banana chips, they are crunchy, but taste more solid than an airy potato chip. After eating a handful of these, you feel far more satisfied than with a few fried air chips (though it is delicious potato-flavored air). The sweetness of the banana is mostly gone. Rather, you are left with the heartiness of this fruit, the same thickness that makes it such a great addition to any smoothie or bread. The umami flavor of palm and peanut oil also leaves an aftertaste that begs you to take just one more little chip.

In the case of Swad Pepper Banana Chips, the banana takes on the flavor of zippy salt and pepper. The salt does not overwhelm and burn the tongue, which is something we struggle to ignore with most packaged snacks found in the grocery isle. Rather, the pepper takes center stage with a bold Malabar aroma that convinces you this pepper isn’t the kind from the little white packets at McDonalds. Its smell hits you first, getting your mouth ready for something almost spicy, almost zesty, almost salty, and completely peppery. They had us a first sniff.

These banana chips are thinner than some common plantain chips, which allow for more pepper per chip. However, please don’t mistake these nibbles as a healthy alternative to your classic potato chip. This snack has a gratifying crunch because it is deep fried. Bananas have plenty of natural sugars that don’t disappear underneath some spices. And yet, these chips can be your neat new Netflix-binge treat, and we at Silver Spork would never deny you that.

They can be found at your local Patel Brothers or other Indian grocery store. They can also be ordered online at patelbros.com.

Post by Nandini Ahuja. Photo from Patel Brothers.