The Cookie Monstah


I should preface this review by informing you that Cookie Monster is my spirit animal.

So, needless to say, when I encountered a fun-looking food truck paying homage to one of my favorite childhood characters, I had to double back and check it out.

Cookie Monster really missed out on dessert diversity when he lived on Sesame Street. We all wanted to be him – uninhibited, a bit of a blue wild child at times, a rebellious dude who made all of his own independent decisions, even if they ended in a confetti shower of crumbled carbohydrates, a tummy ache, and disappointed friends. But Cookie Monster was stuck in the “Groundhog Day” of dessert menus, guiltily gobbling up the same cardboard chocolate chip cookies day after day, year after year.

How far are you willing to travel for the best chipwich (“chocolate chip ice cream sandwich”) you’ve ever experienced?

If your answer is, “Whatever it takes,” I can tell you that one of the best dessert food trucks is found pahked by the Bahston Hahbuh. During the busy spring and summer seasons, The Cookie Monstah even has up to three food trucks circling around the city, so that’s three chances to enjoy three times the goodness.


From the Classic sandwich, created with the familiar chocolate chunk cookie, to more personalized creations like The Salty Dog (Salted Caramel cookies with Totally Turtle ice cream) and The Peanut Butter Cup (think the Reese’s cup version of an ice cream sandwich), The Cookie Monstah caters to a variety of sweet teeth. If ice cream isn’t really your thing, then you can purchase an array of homemade cookies from this truck, ranging from the usual suspects to the more intriguing Nor’easter, Cinnabomb, and the Mudslide.

Boston is home to many wicked good ice cream shoppes, but dessert in the convenient form of a food truck is just too tempting to pass up. The family-owned trucks and the friendly staff also know just how to maximize the cookie to cash ratio. Each sandwich consists of a healthy snowball-sized scoop of rich ice cream, snuggled between two sturdy, but savory, cookies larger than your hands. Gone are your days of worrying about your sandwich falling apart – instead, you can dedicate your time to contemplating how you’re going to walk this scrumptious snack off. Luckily, The Cookie Monstah ingeniously parks in the touristy areas of the city, so you can sightsee while you nosh.

In the words of Cookie Monster himself, “Today [me] will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant, in which case [me] will eat a cookie.” We could all learn something from his wise carpe diem attitude. Treat yourself to one of these summery sweets today – “C” is for celebrating the carbs and calories of cookies, good enough to eat.

For more information on where to find The Cookie Monstah or its products, visit You can even book the truck for your wedding, graduation party, or other special event. Enough said.

Post and Photos by Stephanie Cohen.