Texas Veg Fest 2015

On April 4th, 20015 Austin hosted their fourth annual Texas Veg Fest, and let me tell you what, I fested. This festival was the like the Mecca of my people. Vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike came together to celebrate vegan products. It was beautiful. The festival featured approximately 100 vendors and booths and had a great line up of speakers.


My first stop at the fest was the food truck section. That’s right. There was a food truck section. There were about seven food trucks. Two of the highlights at the festival were the Sadie B Foods truck and also Krishna’s Cuisine. The Sadie B Foods truck featured BBQ tofu sandwiches, vegan slaw, and vegan corndogs. I totally got the vegan corndog, because as any vegan knows, corndogs are an elusive vegan menu item. The dog itself tasted like any generic veggie dog but the breading was what made this food truck item a real treat; it was perfectly cooked and flavorful. The next highlight at the food trucks was from Kishna’s Cuisine. Originally I was excited about their tamarind drink and Indian style food… but then I realized they had cheese cake, so nothing else mattered. I had three pieces. The crust was made up of graham crackers and the cake part itself was made up of some type of thickened vegan whip cream. It almost had a coconut taste to it. Though it wasn’t at all like traditional cheese cake, it was so good no one cared.


After I hit up the food trucks I moved onto the vendors, where I happily found not just vegan clothing and cosmetic products but more food. The Happy Vegan Bakery had a booth and they were selling vegan mac and cheese with a side of kale salad. The mac and cheese was creamy and rich with flavor, while the kale salad was more bland but paired well with the mac and cheese.

pastedGraphic_2Another booth I stopped at was for the Follow Your Heart brand. I have overlooked their products many times at Whole Foods, and now I deeply regret it. They had samples of their new vegan cheeses and they were to die for. Like, step aside nutritional yeast flakes and Daiya… Follow Your Heart is where it is at. I highly recommend everyone going to Whole Foods right this very minute and buy yourself a slice. This brand is the real game changer for the vegan cheese world.


Bee Free Honee was also at the event and they had samples of all of their honees out to try! Needless to say I bought two bottles. They have quite a few flavor options on their website but the original and mint flavors were the best to me. The original flavor tastes like bee honey with a hint of apple and the mint version tastes like the original but with a hint of mint (they both pair swimmingly with my morning tea).


Another section of booths was composed of all animal rights group. Some of the organizations included Action for Animals of Austin, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society, and The Humane League. It was great to not only see food and products being sold but also real animal rights groups promoting themselves at the event. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what veganism is really about: the animals.

Some of the apparel booths at the festival included V Apparel and Herbivore Clothing. I would have really of loved to see Compassion Co there but I survived without them. There were countless amounts of angsty vegan shirts at the event for me to gawk at and purchase. Some of my favorites include, “What kind of an ass whole eats a lamb?” and “Without bees we wouldn’t have any of these,” featuring a picture of a bee composed of different fruits and vegetables.

The only booth I did not enjoy visiting was the We Eat Food booth. They were giving out free samples of their new seitan bacon and it honestly tasted like old bread. Allegedly they sold out of the bacon at the event but I’m not sure why. They advertised it as sweet and smoky but it was more like gluten and questionable to me.

If you ever find yourself in Austin during the month of April I highly recommend looking into this event. Not only do they make dreams come true here for vegans, but they also have some amazing plant-based food that even an omnivore would love. There is no cost to enter and everyone working the event was so friendly. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back again next year.

For more information on this event, check out the Texas Veg Fest website here: http://www.texasvegfest.com.

Post and Photos by Kylie Torres.