Mini Restaurant Reviews: Vegan-Friendly Dublin Eateries

Eating vegan in Dublin, Ireland was nothing short of delightful, even though I never actually was able to find an exclusively vegan restaurant. All the servers at the restaurants I went to knew what vegan was and were more than willing to accommodate, unlike in the United States. I never once felt like I was bothering anyone by asking them about the ingredients; in fact, the servers actually seemed pleased to help me out. In addition to this, almost every restaurant I went to had vegetarian items labeled with a “V,” and occasionally, they even had vegan items labeled with a “VG.” It was brilliant. Enjoy some of these reviews and recommendations of vegan friendly eateries Silver Spork recommends in Dublin!

Umi Falafel
Umi Falafel is a small omnivorous Mediterranean restaurant. It sort of has a Chipotle feel to it. The staff are all warm and very welcoming, even to Americans. Umi claims to be home to the most authentic falafel in Dublin, and I can’t argue with that. All of their food tasted fresh and homemade. Silver Spork News recommends their mint lemonade to drink and their falafel with a side of baba ghanoush for your meal. The mint lemonade is not a joke, seriously. They must take a pound of fresh mint and grind it up for the lemonade, you can literally see the mint and taste its freshness, something you can’t find in the United States. The falafel is superb, fried to perfection and not too greasy. The baba ghanoush is the perfect mixture of tahini and eggplant to give some extra moisture to the falafel.


This restaurant is all vegetarian and prides itself on only using whole and local ingredients. In fact, they pride themselves so much on using only the freshest ingredients that their menu changes every day based on what they can get from local farmers. If you’d like, you can even go to their website and find exactly what farm your food came from–good luck tracing your food back to the farmer in the United States. Even though they advertise themselves as a vegetarian restaurant, they still have many vegan options daily. While I was there, I was able to get a casserole with sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, in a coconut sauce. The portion size they gave me was enough to feed a small village. The meal had such an amazing natural flavor to it that was only emphasized by the coconut sauce. In addition to this, I had a piece of white chocolate mint tart. That’s right, vegan white chocolate, an elusive find. The mint overpowered the white chocolate flavor, but the mint tasted so clean and fresh it didn’t matter. The tart had a crust made up of several types of crushed nuts, which paired well with the mint. Silver Spork News recommends whatever the hell they’re serving that day, because there is no way they could mess food up.

Murphy’s Ice Cream
Right across the street from Cornucopia is Murphy’s Ice Cream. Honestly, I had no interest in going here but I was with friends and they wanted ice cream. When I walked in I was amazed at the selection and they had three dairy-free sorbets. As all vegans know, dairy-free doesn’t always mean vegan friendly, but here it did. All of their ice creams and sorbets are locally made and the staff all knew exactly what was in each ice cream. The vegan options they had at the time were raspberry, black currant, and chocolate. Silver Spork News recommends the chocolate sorbet above all other things, forever and always. Why? Because they put an entire kilo of cocoa in each batch of sorbet. One warning: make sure you get it in a cup because the cones aren’t vegan! And when in doubt, ask the staff, they are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.


The Woollen Mills
The Woollen Mills is a small restaurant that primarily caters to the more carnivorous eater, however, the building has a long history to it and has one amazing vegan option. This vegan option is the Jerusalem artichoke hummus with lemon-roasted potato wedges covered in crispy sage. Being vegan, I have had a lot of hummus in my life, probably well over 100 types in all honesty. Never have I had a hummus with more flavor and uniqueness than this one at The Woolen Mills. The hummus was thick and hearty with a strong artichoke flavor. The fries were a nice change-up from the usual celery stick or pita bread and the crispy sage on top added a roasted flavor to the snack.


KuRaudo Sushi & Bento
KuRaudo is the smallest Japanese restaurant I’ve ever seen and possibly the smallest in the world. It seats about 14 people total. But aside from their small size, they have the most friendly staff and the most wonderful food. Silver Spork News recommends the lunch special, the Vegetarian Bento Box. This box includes agetofu, yasia gyoza, sweet potatoes, white rice, the chef’s vegetarian sushi of the day (based on what is the freshest available), miso soup, and Genmai-Cha tea. All of this for just 8.99 euros.


Antoinette’s Bakery
If you’re looking for something sweet and vegan, Antoinette’s Bakery is the place to be. The bakery primarily caters to the gluten free, but they always have many vegan options on hand. Silver Spork News recommends their chocolate donuts. The donut is more cakelike than light and flaky, but don’t be deterred by this. The donut is moist and has a strong spice flavor and the chocolate icing is rich with a dark chocolate taste.


Trinity City Hotel Bar
Okay, so, Dublin, what’s the scoop on the alcohol? Well first of all, in the tourist locations it is all extremely expensive. If you’re looking to take the cheaper route, try to get out to some pubs more on the edge of the city. Unless of course you want to party hard with a bunch of Americans & Canadians, then stick to the tourist areas. If you’re looking for high-quality drinks at a reasonable to high price, Silver Spork News recommends going to Trinity City Hotel Bar and asking for Alex. He is a full time bartender and he will hook you up with the freshest mixed drinks you will ever have in your life. He will even talk you through the process while he makes them. Try his mojito, he makes it with a handful of mint and crushes it up right in front of you.


Post and Photos by Kylie Torres.