Crispy [Hulk] Smashed Roasted Potatoes

So, I watched the new Avengers movie and (being highly susceptible to cinematic suggestion) left with grandiose dreams of being the newest Avenger. After I quickly realized that such a goal requires absurd amounts of exercise and boring food I decided to just pretend to be the Hulk and smash the crap out of something! Oh, and also to eat non-boring food. Because that is way more fun.

Here is a great recipe to try if you to have an excess of energy, a big appetite, and kinda want to be the Hulk. These are not only delicious but a great way to get out excess aggression under the guise of culinary achievement! Double whammy!

Smashed Roasted Potatoes 2

Crispy [Hulk] Smashed Roasted Potatoes

5-6 baby red potatoes
salt to taste
1/4-1/2 cup olive oil

Boil the potatoes in a medium sized saucepan for about 30-35 minutes. Be sure they are completely submerged in water to ensure they are cooked through and tender.

Now, while they are boiling, go ahead and set up your smashing station. Lay a double layer of dishtowels on the countertop. Once the potatoes are done boiling, place them on the dishtowels to drain and cool slightly.

Fold another dishtowel into quarters and using it as a cover, smash the potatoes! Go nuts but go easy. The goal is Hulk smash, not Hulk pulverize! You still want to eat these after all. The smashed potatoes should still be about half an inch thick. The pieces that break off can still be eaten and enjoyed though; don’t chuck them.

Smashed Roasted Potatoes

Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and using a spatula, transfer the potatoes to the baking sheet. Now relax, maybe meditate a bit, and let the potatoes cool to room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

Now pour olive oil under and over the potatoes so they are generously coated but not drowning. Sprinkle them with salt to taste.

Cook the potatoes for about 30 minutes. Use the spatula to flip them over about halfway through the baking process so they are nice and crispy on both sides.

Now newly fledged Hulks, destroyer of baby red potatoes, devour your meal!

Post by Alex Castanon. Adapted recipe and photos from Fine Cooking