Every Day is Freedom Day

Bald Eagle Apple Pie

I wasn’t actually going to write an article for today. It was just going to be a series of pictures of bald eagles eating apple pie and crying at the beauty of freedom.

But instead I decided to waste your time with a quick story about why I’m a patriot.

There’s a lot to hate about America. There’s all of our social problems and Guy Fieri, but we still have 48 amazing states (and Florida and South Carolina). And that’s enough to drive someone away from our country forever. We’re cocky, arrogant, and egotistical. Are they all the same word? Yeah, basically. Was it worth saying three times? Yeah, basically.

During the 2012 Olympics, I was living abroad in London. Before heading overseas, I’d classify myself as a cynic at best, especially regarding America. I’d even been warned beforehand that I should expect prejudice toward Americans. This made sense. For a country that’s basically known as the biggest dick in the world, I wasn’t totally surprised.

I was visiting the University of Greenwich during the opening ceremony, and I noticed that we might not be so reviled after all. A large crowd had gathered to watch the ceremony on a projector (since not everyone could afford to actually be in the stadium). With several hundred people speckled across the lawn, you could expect meager cheers for almost every country on the screen. The UK and Northern Ireland got the largest cheers, as you would expect, but when America came on the crowd went wild.

Over the course of the next two weeks (along with experiencing the most crowded tube of all time) I discovered a previously dormant sense of pride in my country. The support from a foreign country changed my opinion entirely. America has a special relationship with the British Isles, so I won’t deny that, but I was surprised nonetheless.

As America competed, the British were viewing us (and themselves) as a heroic force that was fighting a war against Russia and China. It’s a stupid thing to be allied in; I know, but for those two short weeks it mattered where I was born.

Tl;dr Every day is freedom day.

Instead of following a recipe today, head on over to Local Harvest and find your nearest food market. American food should be based in the ingenuity of our farmers, not in our food corporations. Pick up some fresh ingredients and then come back to Silver Spork News. We’ll have our archive of great recipes waiting.

Post by Ian Sims. Photo from justWink Cards.