Mama’s Waffles


Suggested song to play while cooking: Lazy Day by Us3

Hello dear Sporkers, did you miss me? I’ve been on vacation for the last week and a half—up in Vermont at a tiny cottage on a lovely lake with no access to Wi-Fi. Never fear, I have returned refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tantalize you.

My parents got this cottage before I was born, and we’ve come up here every weekend in the summer for as long as I can remember (well, nowadays it’s just them and friends. Hard to travel to and from VT and NYC). It is an incredibly beautiful haven, perched on Lake Memphremagog in a small town that always seems 20 years in the past. The lake stretches for miles and into Canada.

It is here that we shed all our troubles, forget about work and the toil of everyday life, and completely unwind. We sit around campfires and cook s’mores; we play card games (most often Oh Hell, which is wicked fun and great with a bunch of friends. If you ever want to learn I’d be happy to teach you!), and laze about on our boat on the lake.

One thing that is associated with this cottage is my mother’s breakfast. It is famous with our friends, and the star of the show is always her big, fluffy waffles.


Most waffle recipes use eggs and oil, and my mom never liked this. She always felt it made the waffles too heavy and sit in your stomach like lead. Then she found Maple Grove Farms of Vermont’s All Natural Belgian Waffle Mix (used to be in a lovely blue box, now in a not so attractive looking green and beige one). This proposed a different solution, which turned out to be the best waffles in the world. All you need for this one? The mix, and seltzer water. Yup, seltzer water. Now the box says you can use seltzer or tap water, but trust me, go with the seltzer, it makes a hell of a difference.


Mama’s Waffles

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont’s All Natural Belgian Waffle Mix
Seltzer water (my mom says blueberry seltzer is her personal favorite, but black cherry works great too. Avoid lime seltzer, tastes terrible. Also, we use Polar brand).
Cooking spray

Suggested toppings
Whip cream
Maple syrup (the real kind, none of that fake crap)


Instructions (follow the Belgian waffle recipe on the box)
In a bowl, add seltzer water to mix. Blend together with a whisk and let stand while waffle iron is heating.

Spray waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray and heat according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Cook until golden brown and crispy. My mom also suggested flipping the waffles over when they are about half way through to get a nice rounded crispiness.



Guaranteed you will love these waffles. They are light and fluffy and do not settle in your stomach making you feel pregnant for half the day. Now while I say above we use blueberry and black cherry, don’t be afraid to mix a bit. Polar also has a mandarin orange my mom thought might be good, and a vanilla one too. The secret is seltzer, use it wisely.

Post and Photos by Shannon Moloney.