College Throwback: Marvin’s Garlic Cheeseburger

Last month I did something I never really thought I would do – mainly because the fact that I’m getting old(er) is a facet I somehow block out in my day-to-day. So what did I do? I attended my five year college reunion. And while five years isn’t that big of a milestone, it definitely marks the moment when it starts to become unacceptable to use the phrase, “when I was in college” without sounding like a douche.

Most of my reunion weekend was spent catching up with friends who now live in different cities and got grown-up jobs* and reminiscing about some of our favorite campus haunts and traditions. And while drinking is THE tradition at my college, all of us had a different memory to relive.

Although sidenote: I debated crafting a mini photo essay that was just all the sad, abandoned beer cans (and one scotch tumbler) my friends and I encountered during our THREE day reunion weekend. Seriously, there was even a small-scale trail of Mike’s Hard Lemonade + Bud Light in our hallway.

But back to our glory days on campus. There is one thing at my college that everyone pretty much loves. And to give you an idea of how much we love it, my friends and I talked about six months before the reunion. And that is: Marvin’s.


Our college is pretty isolated, with just one restaurant/bar attached to a hotel and Marvin’s on campus. Marvin’s is basically a burger joint that is known for one thing in particular, the Garlic Cheeseburger, aka GCB. The GCB is the ONLY thing you will hear a kid from my college talk about. We love them. We’re obsessed with them. We use them for college “food eating” challenges. We make poor imitations in our own kitchens. We dream of them. In the end, the GCB is the king of burgers for us.


Admittedly, the GCB isn’t the greatest (or probably tastiest) dish, and most people generally have it after copious amounts of beer. But it’s still pretty good. Which is why I planned on eating one during my reunion. OK, so I ate the chicken version aka the GCCB, which pretty much stacks up the same against a GCB in my opinion.

And while some might say that the GCB isn’t the greatest, hell, they may not even like it. That’s fine. To each his or her own. But Mac Bites** are the GREATEST FOOD OF ALL TIME. That’s just a fact.


*and by catching up I mean trash talking/gossiping about our college peers and/or mocking the other reunion years who were acting like 18-year-old freshmen.

**Mac Bites are another Marvin’s specialty. They’re little triangles of friend macaroni and cheese.

Post and Photos by Dayna Brownfield.