Lay’s Do Us a Flavor: Southern Biscuits and Gravy Review

Two bags in, I was losing hope in the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest (if it’s possible to vest any kind of faith in a corporate marketing scheme, that is). West Coast Truffle Fries and Greektown Gyro had already done their best to quite literally poison me against the company and Southern Biscuits and Gravy didn’t sound like a concept that was going to be any more successfully executed. For one thing, the picture on the bag is repulsive, showing perfectly innocent biscuits being buried under a mound of sickly, lumpy gravy (can you tell I’m not a gravy fan?), so what could really be expected of a chip promising to encapsulate that eating experience in a two-dimensional wafer?

I was also developing a low-level guilt about perpetuating vague stereotypes about different regions of the country, even though “Southern Biscuits and Gravy” seemed like the closest thing to an actual dish that existed so far. But I was in too deep, and the chips couldn’t actually be WORSE than the horrible picture on the bag, right?


Southern Biscuits and Gravy Chips Review

Smell: These chips had the best scent by a mile. They smelled of herbs in a very nonspecific but inviting way and I didn’t actually want to throw the chips away uneaten like I had been tempted to do for the last two bags. I picked up notes of onions and dill on the first whiff.

Look: These chips were the least showy so far, looking indistinguishable from your average sour cream and onion flavor with small green flecks on a pale base canvas (doesn’t everybody call chips a “taste canvas”?). But in my mind this boded well since the Greektown Gyro flavor was so thoroughly undone by its own stale texture.


Taste: Imagine my delight to bite into something that was uncompromisingly pleasing! These chips had a good initial taste and no strange lingering flavors that cropped up later on. My assessment that they smelled like as well as resembled sour cream and onion chips wasn’t off-base, because they tasted pretty similarly as well. But these chips weren’t mere knockoffs. There was something else to them, a bit more of a kick on the way out of your mouth that left you fondly wanting more.

Verdict: These chips were the first ones I’d actually recommend buying to someone I want to be happy (mortal enemies, feel free to eat a whole bag of West Coast Truffle Fries chips in one sitting). It was smart of Lay’s to avoid getting crazy with the texture since the flavor was so addictive, as all good chip flavors should be. Does that mean I should have consumed three serving sizes of this product for breakfast? Technically no, but biscuits and gravy is a breakfast food, so it seemed only right.

Post and Photos by Bailey James.