Gluten-Free Drinking: How to Best the Bar

So. You’re at the bar with your friends. They’re slamming back mugs of beer, which is full of our favorite things—namely, barley, hops, and wheat. Yum, gluten! Kay, but that’s not for us. Still, you’re young and in your prime drinking years, you want to have fun too.

Never fear. Your gluten-free guru is here to tell you how to best the bar without feeling worse than your impending hangover.

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Stay classy. Start looking like a real grownup by learning there’s more to wine than just red or white (there are pink ones too!). There are tons of free wine tastings at local stores so check one out and start educating yourself so you too can sound like a fancy adult.

Gluten-Free Beer
Jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon, there are now brands of gluten-free beer. They’re often made with sorghum or buckwheat instead. Make a night of it with your friends and have them do a gluten-free taste test with some regular beers to pick out which ones actually are worth building your beer gut. (Just kidding, we all know you’ll be hitting the gym with your hangover).

Hard Cider
Already naturally gluten-free, hard cider is a sweet consolation prize for those of us who are gluten avoiders. Try Woodchuck Ale for a variety of flavored types. Cider is substantially tastier than beer and then you can say, “oh I’m gluten-free, this is what I have to drink”, and just smugly enjoy your delicious drink without anyone the wiser.

Hard Liquor
Distilled liquors are gluten-free! Huzzah! Raise your shot glasses and get schwasted. Word of caution, while rum and tequila are both fine, vodka and gin are derived usually from wheat. While the gluten is all distilled out, your body might still have a reaction. Try vodka made from potatoes, grapes, or corn if you’re sensitive. Some whiskeys and bourbons are technically gluten-free too, but have the same risks as the vodka.

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Mind Your Mixers

Feel free to have juices, sodas, mixes along with your drink. Some might have malt though, so always do your research. Memorize what you can have.

Speaking of research, Munchyy has a great gluten-free alcohol list  so check it for your specific drinks. Have fun, and as they say, drink responsibly. Or responsibly-ish.

Post and Photos by Gabriele Boland.