A Coolly Caffeinated Chemex

See what I did there? I used alliteration – because I’m an English major and some university gave me a degree which proves that I’m allowed to do cool shit like that. Don’t believe me? Well, then you probably got a degree in something useless like Math…or Communications.

Ok, well, some of that syntax rage might be from the caffeine. But what can I say? I love coffee. Like, I’m pretty sure if you look at the “X% of human bodies are water” stat, it’s more like, “X% of human bodies are water, but Dayna’s body is made of 85% coffee.” Basically, I’m a medical marvel. Because of coffee.

But you’re not here for my little explanation of what keeps me going. You’re here because you love coffee too, but it’s actually too damn hot to drink coffee because it’s summer and HOLY FUCK IT IS HOT OUTSIDE!!!!


So….I decided to chill out on my coffee game and make some iced coffee (see what I did there? That’s more English Major prowess, right there). I decided to make a cool drink via the Japanese method of brewing cold coffee. I saw an article talking about the process over on The Kitchn a few years back (and I totally pinned that shit! So yes, this is something I made from Pinterest. Drink that DIYness up!).

But seriously, this was amazing. I’m already a HUGE fan of the Chemex. The article links to an NYTimes Magazine article that talks more about the process/recipe, but I’m here to give you the “yeah-that-looks-about-right-well-I’ll-just-eyeball-it” version.


 Dayna’s Chemex Iced Coffee

Fresh ground coffee (maybe like 1oz or about 4ish scoops)
4 or 5 large ice cups (or 7oz of ice, if want to follow the recipe to the letter)
Hot water, preferably from a kettle (around 8oz, or up to the fill line)
Chemex + filter

Instructions (or, Making that Sweet, Cool Cup of Joe)
Fill your kettle up and start heating the water .

Put your filer in the Chemex and dampen it* – this helps the filter stick to the Chemex. If water dripped into the bottom of the Chemex, carefully remove the filter and pour out the extra water.

Put the ice cubes into the bottom of the Chemex and put the (dampened) filter back. Add coffee grinds to the top, where the filter is and pour a little bit of water over the grounds. For the initial pour, you want to saturate the grinds, so that the grounds “bloom” and deflate.

Continue adding water to the grounds, slowing and with separate pours. Basically, don’t pour all the water on the grounds at once. Make a circle over the grounds, let it drain, then do it again.

Once you’ve used all the water, or reached a desired amount of coffee, remove the filter.

You’re done! Now it’s time to pour it into your favorite Garfield “I hate Mondays” mug and enjoy!

*You can use the hot water from the kettle to do this

Post and Photos by Dayna Brownfield. Recipe via The Kitchn and T Magazine, “On the Rocks.”