Nowadays in Ridgewood, Queens Review

Bar Food Review: Nowadays in Ridgewood, Queens

If you live in Brooklyn and you don’t have a window in your room: fear not. If you’re thinking, where can I go to enjoy a cute, outdoor bar with my friend, brother, girlfriend, or pooch on a beautiful summer night? Know this: your answer is Nowadays.

Nowadays is a recent establishment in the wake of the uprising bar and restaurant scene in Ridgewood, Queens. It’s a fully-outdoor bar and grill, hidden by high steel walls and barbed wire on the corner of Cooper Ave. and Wyckoff Ave. As you’re walking towards it, you can’t be sure if you are really going in the right direction until you hit this:


See? This sign says it all. I really didn’t need to write this article.

Then, you’re greeted by a nice bouncer who won’t check your ID because the bar is open to all ages and breeds! So you can slip that card back into your backpack where you’ll forget it because it’s time to eat and drink.

Like the name states, they’re all about hanging out nowadays. Weekends are lively and weekdays bring about a quiet crew, but there’s always lot to do – you can sit on a bench or at a picnic table, play bocce or ping pong (badly, if you’re me), and talk to friends. The white, stringed lights are the perfect effect for a glowing evening, and you’ll often overhear the sound of the bartender waxing history with some preteen-looking dudes about Scots vs. the Romans (I’m no expert but I think they were probably at war at some point.)

IMG_2270The relaxed vibe and the persistent breeze really is a godsend to the good people of this concrete hellhole we call The City. Kids, adults, and in-betweeners can enjoy a pulled pork sandwich with the ever trendy but delicious addition of Asian ‘slaw for a reasonable $11. If you’re a seasoned vegetarian like my boyfriend Matt, the grilled cheese does not fail expectations. If you’re looking to imbibe, I would recommend their rosé sangria to try on a particularly humid evening, and Nowadays’ beer selection is ultimately pleasing to your friend who refuses to drink Bud Light.

If you or a good friend is in the Brooklyn L train area, take a ride all the way to Halsey and visit your pals nowadays at Nowadays.

Post and photos by Victoria Garvey.