Silver Spork News Anniversary



Whoa. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. Did you see the awesome logo in the upperleft that Molly Johanson prepared? Or the incredible cake art by Stephanie Cohen?

One year ago today we launched Silver Spork News. Most places would try to handle age with dignity, but not us.

I will, however, try to express this without my sailor mouth. Holy peanut butter. Oh my avocados. 365 finger-licking days of God doughnut Silver Spork News.

Holy shit. We did it and we’re still doing it, and don’t expect us to go away anytime soon. We’re here to stay, so either join the team or get out of the way.

Did you know that we launched Silver Spork News with only five certified sporkers? And now we’ve proudly showcased contributions from four times that, not to mention the many guest writers we’ve had over the year.

And I’ve got a surprise for you.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Our site has been visited over 150,000 times.

Because we went through our website change, our statistics on the countries we’ve been accessed are a little murky. But I can tell you this: there’s a Macedonian who is way trendier than his/her friends. And there a place outside of America called Jersey. It’s outside the UK and has a super bizarre relationship with them. And if there’s a Sporker there, it’s our duty to find out where “there” is. Here are some “of all time” things:

Most Popular: Innovative Nordic Cocktails
Most Popular Article in Foreign Nations: Pakistan Suffers Great Tragedy
Most Frequently Searched: Fairlife Milk Reviews
Most Popular Countries for Sporking: 1. America, 2. Ukraine, and 3. Israel (Canada and Germany have recently been overtaken)
Most Popular Series: Harry Potter Cocktails
Most Popular Browser for Sporking: Firefox. Suck it, Google Chrome

We’ve reviewed some of the shittiest food in existence and also some of the best, but we’ve never lost sight of what matters: food is fun. We advocate for farmers’ markets and home cooked meals, and we advocate for classy restaurants and a new generation of American cuisine. But we’re also human. And most humans eat like shit.

As a foodie I would rather you eat Taco Bell every day than spend a moment within a mile of Soylent. Eating is exciting and fun, and while it is important to balance the arithmetic of the life you want to lead and the food you consume; it’s also okay to order that bacon wrapped Little Caesar’s hell spawn (if it makes you happy).

Eat healthy. Eat happy.

And keep on sporking,

Ian Sims
Editor ‘n Chef
Silver Spork News