Spook Troop Cookies

By Shannon Moloney

Suggested song to play while cooking: Time Warp, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Like many others out there, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Once a year, you can literally be anything. A person, a thing, a pun. What an opportunity to really express your creativity, either outright or subtly. I love the costumes, the debauchery, the mystery, and the candy. To get my coworkers in the Halloween spirit, I decided to bring in a treat to share.


Usually I make something from scratch that involves lots of decoration—last year I made cupcakes with frosting like Jack Skellington on them. This year though, I just didn’t have the time (the burdens of adulthood).

Searching for something festive, I found this simple treat. If you’re looking to make something quick, easy, and spooky, this is the recipe for you. Only three ingredients, no baking, and bam, you’ve got Casper lookalikes.


Spook Troop Cookies

1 package peanut butter filled sandwich cookies (I used NutterButters of course)
1 package white chocolate chips
1 package mini chocolate chips.

Melt the white chocolate chips:

Stovetop: in small saucepan, melt white chocolate chips over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth.

Microwave: place chocolate chips into a microwave-safe bowl and heat on low in microwave for 1 minute; stir. Continue heating on low several more times, 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each time, until white chocolate is warm and smooth.

Use 2 forks (or tongs, or your fingers) to dip cookies into white chocolate; set cookies on sheets of waxed paper. Place 2 miniature chocolate chips onto one end of each cookie for eyes, and one for the mouth if you’re so inclined as I was. Set cookies aside until coating has hardened, about 20 minutes.


Pictures by Shannon Moloney. Recipe adapted from Halloween Ghosties by Kellidd.