Flammin’ Hot Fashion

Flammin' Hot CheetosI’ve heard from other (fashion) bloggers that one gets very hungry bouncing from show to show during New York Fashion Week. Apparently, Chromat heard that, and decided the solution was to accessorize models with a snack. Particularly Flammin’ Hot Cheetos.

And if you’re gonna accessorize with such a distinctive snack, why not make it part of the whole look. Cuz, if your models are gonna get that orange powder all over their fingers, might as well put them in clothes where you won’t notice.

What snack food do you want as the next fashion accessory staple? Sour Patch Kids? Pixie Sticks?Bugles? Mountain Dew Code Red? Or maybe since Pantone’s Color of the Year is Ultra Violet it’ll be Grape Air Heads.

Me, I’m personally hoping for Fruit Stripe Gum.