A Sweet Design

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.50.36 PMCaroline Khoo is an author, dessert designer, and the creativity behind Nectar & Stone: a brand that embraces femininity, is delicate, pretty, and pushes creative boundaries all captured in artistic dessert pieces and drinks.

Khoo chose the n & s name because it’s symbolic in many ways. “It represents my favourite colours, seasons, and the fruit peach,” she explains.

With n & s, Khoo provides a few different offerings, like Dessert Design and Creation for private clients and corporate as one element of the brand. Photography, content, and recipe development is another offering that n & s provides from brands and small businesses.

“I am a lover of arts and and a lover of food, so I love for desserts to have symbolism and meaning, and being able to fuse these two mediums together works really well for me,” shares Khoo. Elaborating how the Frida Kahlo pavlova creation she made some time ago is one of her favorites. “I also love my ice-cream cake designs, and my royal icing pressed flowers too,” she adds.

Another clear vision Khoo had involved the creation of a cookbook. From the beginning (back in 2013), that if ever approached to do a cookbook, she knew exactly how it would be. “I wanted to be able to take people on a visual and layered journey,” she says.

When asked to do a book back in 2015, Khoo knew she wasn’t ready for it. But when she was asked again a year later, the time was right. “I have the right content that I knew would make sense to my community,” she explains.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.46.40 PMThe process of putting the book – I’m Just Here For Dessert – together for Khoo was a joy. Sharing how she loved every step and process to it. “I was very fortunate to have an amazing publisher and team who truly understood every part of my story. This I believe made the joy of creating the book an ever better one,” she shares.

For Khoo, the biggest hurdle for all of n & S  has been within herself, and the fear of failure. “I am a perfectionist,” she explains. Elaborating on how the thought of failure in the past has really held her back. “I have certainly addressed this in the past two years and really welcomed and embraced failure as past of my growth, learning, and development,” she shares.

“I am currently releasing some products which are an extension and compliment to n & s,” shares Khoo. She’s also planning some collabs, like one that’ll include a dessert recipe journal with Blushing Confetti called “Pass The Cake.” She also has a lip balm, hand cream, and diffuser called La Vie En Rose – Life In Pink, which is a collab with Mary Grace.

“I have a few more projects coming up too, so stay tuned,” teases Khoo.

Learn more about Khoo and nectar & stone by visiting her site: www.nectarandstone.com. And be sure to follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram: @nectarandstone for all her latest creations.