The Legend of Silver Spork

The Myth

In 2014, under cover of dark clouds, a spork fell from a traveling RV and landed in the Mojave desert. For forty days and forty nights it lay in the dust, unmoving, until a thunderstorm rumbled across the plains.

A lightning bolt shot out of the sky, dodged a cactus, and struck the spork. It shot up into the air and transformed into the most spectacular and original food website ever created.

It was pure magic.

The website, using its telepathy, pulled together some friends at the New York University Summer Publishing Institute. They tweaked and refined, mixed this and that, drank a lot and ate too much pizza. Eventually the Silver Spork team came in first place and moved on with their lives. Silver Spork was dead. The fellowship was broken.

The man who would become the Editor ‘n Chef wandered throughout America for weeks struggling to find meaning in a Sporkless world. But he couldn’t do it alone. With a triumphant blast from his cornucopia, he contacted the woman who would become his Article Sharpener. No longer would the man ride the MegaBus; no longer would Silver Spork remain forgotten.

Transformation complete, the man became the Chef and the woman became the Sharpener. Silver Spork News was born from the ashes of a once great idea. They sent out wires, shined bright sporks in the sky, and cried out the secret Silver Spork News call from the rooftops.

Silver Spork News is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the millennial who, much like the hero Balto, will always come out on top.


The Philosophy

We don’t know about you, but we’re tired of food that’s boring. We’re tired of eating the same damn thing and seeing the same damn food on other food magazines. Silver Spork is here to shake that up, add a little spice to a bland meal. We’re not screaming about revolution. We’re screaming about common sense. Our content is served hot and fresh every day to reflect that ideal. Whether you’re looking for a new cheese ball recipe, lunch ideas to take to work, or the best way to celebrate the Ebola outbreak, we’ve got you covered.

We’re affordable; we’re surprising; we’re delicious.

We are Silver Spork.

And now you are too.