Brittany DeSalvo, Instagrammer

Silver Spork News Brittany DeSalvo
Brittany DeSalvo @BrittanyDeSalvo
Brooklyn, New York

Brittany is glad to finally have an appropriate outlet for the many pictures she not-so-surreptitiously takes of food. She loves to cook and has an ever-expanding collection of fancy cookbooks. She’s been spoiled on cruise food and has expensive tastes, but her best simple recipes include mock heath bars, white bean chicken chili, Sicilian chicken, bacon-almond crostini, and potato frittata. Brittany is also a breakfast master who can cook to perfection bacon, hashbrown patties, and eggs, every time. Her recipe for Garbanzo and Tomato Salad was recently published in a holiday cookbook by Taste of Home. Brittany is also a writer and editor at TheNerdyBomb, so head over there to check out some nerdy reviews, recommendations, and updates.


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