Innovative Nordic Cocktails


Let us tell you about Slippurinn. Slippurinn is an Icelandic restaurant located on Heimaey Island in the town of Vestmannaejar. It is open four months of the year. To get to it you… Continue reading

Swedish Meatballs and Beer: Feel Your Food


“Swedish meatballs. Or as we call them in Sweden, meatballs.” What Kalle showed off in the kitchen was not just how to make Swedish Meatballs, but the philosophy that he holds for the… Continue reading

Banana Bread


Don’t throw out your bad bananas. Well, by bad I’m not talking about bananas that are starting their own ecosystem on your counter, throw those out, but bananas that have browned past the… Continue reading

Tuesday Cheeseball


Let’s talk about Tuesday. Tuesday might be the most ignored day of the week. It doesn’t pack the same amount of misery that Monday does, and it’s not quite hump day. It’s just… Continue reading

Unika by Castello: Cheese and Beyond


Anyone who considers themselves a cheese connoisseur will find it necessary to get these cheeses in their life. This shouldn’t be a want. This is a need. Started in 2002, Unika by Castello… Continue reading

Cheesefail: Misadventures in the Kitchen


Learning to cook takes time. It’s an art that must constantly be practiced and honed, taking into account past experiences and common sense. Sadly I have very little of either of those, so… Continue reading

Blenheim: The Kitchen Unbound


As experts in Nordic cuisine Morten Sohlberg and Ryan Tate demonstrated how to separate milk into whey and fat using a hand crank at the International Culinary Center, the audience was distracted by… Continue reading

Free Coffee? HELL YEAH


Novelty in New York is fleeting. Culture here sours more quickly than last week’s yogurt, so to respond to the distracted attentions of its citizens, the city has an answer: pop-up restaurants. These… Continue reading

Sporking in the City


If you were hoping for a deluge of great food news this week, you’re definitely at the right place. This weekend was a busy time for the Silver Spork team as we made… Continue reading

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