Black Pasta. Are You Seeing This?


Did you see that Kuro Burger we posted a few days ago? Silver Spork isn’t about to let the squid ink end there. And let’s just talk about squid ink real quick. Yeah,… Continue reading

The Five Stages of Break Up (In Food Form)


Yep, we saw the news on Facebook. You’re single. Again. But never fear! For the unlucky-in-love out there, we’ve got the lowdown on the best foods to pair with your newly developed sense… Continue reading



That’s not a burger prepared by questionable kitchen user Bailey James. That’s Burger King’s new all-black burger that’s coming to a store near you… if you live in Japan. Just one look at… Continue reading

Cuisine of the Thirteen Colonies Dinner Party


We’ve been involved in a lot of conflicts since we were founded. Strong debates have torn us apart, but eventually we always work things out. And there have been outside forces too, people… Continue reading

Gallo Pinto


So, all of your friends studied abroad but you? Sucks to suck. Lucky for you I was eligible for enough student loans to make it to Costa Rica. While there, the psychotic 60-year-old… Continue reading

Watermelon Iced Tea


Hey, Editor ‘n Chef here. Look, I’m not going to mince words; I’m a fall guy. That’s just a fact. I listened to the first Fall Out Boy album, watched Brad Pitt fight… Continue reading

Monday Cheeseball


One of the most unfortunate realizations about adulthood is that there are circumstances which will require you to make food that you can’t hoard for yourself. These kinds of scenarios include fancy dinner… Continue reading

Space Ques(adilla): Misadventures in the Kitchen


I have always been of the opinion that things worth doing should be done fast, with as much power and energy as can be mustered. This would probably explain why I’m not a… Continue reading

Movie Eats: Summer 2014 Edition


What’s a movie without popcorn, right? Wrong. We’re over the extra butter and Milk Duds thing. Instead, consider whipping up a dish to go along with one of this summer’s newest releases. We’re… Continue reading

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