Nowadays in Ridgewood, Queens Review

Bar Food Review: Nowadays in Ridgewood, Queens If you live in Brooklyn and you don’t have a window in your room: fear not. If you’re thinking, where can I go to enjoy a… Continue reading

Silver Spork Recommends: Woodberry Kitchen

Woodberry Kitchen Baltimore, MD Last week a couple of my managers and I went to Baltimore for the Ecological Society of America conference. I realize by your gasps that you know exactly what… Continue reading

(Food) Of Montreal: Part Two

Stephanie’s Montreal food adventure continues! Don’t forget to check out Part One for the full story. Day Two At the recommendation of my friend and fellow Sporker Molly, we woke up early and… Continue reading

(Food) Of Montreal: Part One

My stomach suffers from just as bad of a case of wanderlust as my heart, soul, and mind do. So when I took a road trip recently with friends to Montreal, Canada, for… Continue reading

A Coolly Caffeinated Chemex

See what I did there? I used alliteration – because I’m an English major and some university gave me a degree which proves that I’m allowed to do cool shit like that. Don’t… Continue reading

5 Sugary Drinks Disguising Themselves as Healthy Juices

Soda is the devil! Sugar is the devil! I work in an office and am appalled by what people consider to be “diet” drinks. They talk about how they are trying to cut… Continue reading

Food For Thought: Wayne Thiebaud

With Instagram accounts and food blogs galore, we are constantly infiltrated with perfect latte art and well-constructed burgers as we scroll through our feeds. Saturdays we see what cocktails everyone is enjoying and… Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Malatesta Trattoria

My boyfriend, Aaron, came down from Toronto to New York City last weekend, arguably the hottest weekend of the summer. Those who have walked through NYC streets on 95 degree days know it… Continue reading

5 Farms You Won’t Believe Exist

We get it. Farming is old-school. We may have made happy faces at farm animals, but not many people have ever found produce farming to be a very exciting topic. Basically there was… Continue reading

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