Stephanie Cohen, Massachusetts Contributor

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Stephanie Cohen
Boston, Massachussetts

Stephanie loves to visit new places — she has been to 3 different continents, 7 countries, and 23 states thus far. To loosely quote her favorite Marvel superhero film, “With Great Travels Comes Great Responsibility {To Try New Food}.”  After moving entirely up the East Coast, Stephanie currently lives in Boston, which caters to her love of art museums, historic architecture, and consuming lobster rolls whilst overlooking the harbor and exploring the city.

Stephanie spends her workday at an academic publishing house downtown and has an endless appetite for literature. She loves to paint, run, write Children’s/YA Literature, cook for holiday dinners, edit a literary journal, and explore in her free time. She learned to be creative with food at a young age, and was raised in a family that does not believe in carbonated drinks, fast food or microwaved TV dinners.


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