The Team

Sporker (s-pohr-ker) n.: (1) an unattainable human exemplifying beauty and grace, (2) someone who smells inexplicably of fresh pastries, or (3) a member of the Silver Spork News community.

Silver Spork News is run on the entrepreneurial spirit of the millennial generation. Each member serves a valuable purpose, whether it be updating our Facebook page with the latest information or quietly dispatching critics in the nearest back alley.

Tread carefully, friend.

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Ian Sims, Co-Founder and Editor ‘n Chef
Bailey James, Co-Founder and Article Sharpener

Molly Johanson, Artist
Angeli Rafer, Artist

Brittany DeSalvo, Instagrammer
Dayna Brownfield, Facebook Manager
Lian Weinstein, Twitter Manager

Nandini Ahuja, New York Contributor
Gabriele Boland, New York Contributor
Alex Castanon, Colorado Contributor
Stephanie Cohen, Massachusetts Contributor
Kirsten Martin, California Contributor
Shannon Moloney, New York Contributor
Grace Tweedy, Texas Contributor

Eli Becker, Past Collaborator
Katie Paige, Past Collaborator
Kylie Torres, Past Collaborator