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Sporker (s-pohr-ker) n.: (1) an unattainable human exemplifying beauty and grace, (2) someone who smells inexplicably of fresh pastries, or (3) a member of the Silver Spork News community.

Silver Spork News is run on the entrepreneurial spirit of the millennial generation. Each member serves a valuable purpose whether it be updating our Facebook page with the latest information or quietly dispatching critics in the nearest back alley.

Tread carefully, friend.

Editor ‘n Chef
Ian Sims @PinkIsForMen
Madison, Wisconsin

Ian has been cooking for ages. While everyone else was out playing in the sun, Ian spent his middle school summers at the career center learning his way around a kitchen. Despite his love for cooking, he decided to pursue a different career field that would have a more stable and promising future, publishing. Instead of getting a job in the field, he did the next best thing: launch a sweet food website and then move to Wisconsin.

Nowadays Ian can be found wandering the streets of any number of cities. If you see him toss him some bread crumbs or part of a sandwich, but not if it has Brie on it. Ian can’t stand Brie.

Silver Spork News Ian Sims

Article Sharpener
Bailey James @RecessiveGeneQ
Queens, New York

Bailey is something of a disaster in the kitchen; her level of competency peaked at age two, when she assisted her mother by banging on pots and pans on the floor while real cooking was happening above. Ever since, she’s been trying to make up for lost time and spectacularly botches such complex culinary mysteries as quesadillas and grilled cheese on a regular basis. Fortunately, she’s better at writing than food preparation and serves as Silver Spork’s editorial wrangler of wily diction in addition to working as a marketing assistant at a textbook imprint of Macmillan. She also writes video game reviews over at and can usually be found snacking on cheese in her Queens apartment.


Brittany DeSalvo @BrittanyDeSalvo
Brooklyn, New York

Brittany is glad to finally have an appropriate outlet for the many pictures she not-so-surreptitiously takes of food. She loves to cook and has an ever-expanding collection of fancy cookbooks. She’s been spoiled on cruise food and has expensive tastes, but her best simple recipes include mock heath bars, white bean chicken chili, Sicilian chicken, bacon-almond crostini, and potato frittata. Brittany is also a breakfast master who can cook to perfection bacon, hashbrown patties, and eggs, every time. Her recipe for Garbanzo and Tomato Salad was recently published in a holiday cookbook by Taste of Home. Brittany is also a writer and editor at TheNerdyBomb, so head over there to check out some nerdy reviews, recommendations, and updates.

Silver Spork News Brittany DeSalvo


Nandini Ahuja
New Hyde Park, New York

Nandini hails from New Hyde Park, New York and spends much of her time Googling unlikely flavor combinations that strike her as a good idea (Fritos and Nutella- there’s a recipe for that). When she’s not hungry for paneer makhani or pie, she’s devouring the books on her ever-growing list of “Books to Read” or hate-watching the Bachelor with her sisters.
You can find her napping on her commute to work at a publishing house in New York. She’s the one with a giant lunch bag that has a map of Manhattan and the words, “Take a Bite Out of the City” on it. Her mother still likes to shop for her, and for that she is grateful.
virtual coffee

Dayna Brownfield @AfterTheHB
Columbus, Ohio

Dayna is a highly caffeinated freelance editor and writer. Aside from her commitment to the Midwest, she spends her time aggregating pop-culture and literary fiction.
Silver Spork News Dayna Brownfield

Alex Castanon
Golden, Colorado

Like her fellow Silver Spork News contributors, Alex is a lover of food. She does not discriminate. Unless it is mushy, or mixed together, or weird looking. Alright, truth is Alex is a very picky eater. She has been nurturing this talent from a very young age. Only recently has she decided to venture out and try new foods. You are witnessing first hand her foray into the wide world of food.

Her 9-5 life is spent amongst the straight-laced suits in a downtown high rise. On weekends however, she pursues a completely different kind of fun and indulges her love of history. Letting her hair down, she dons a barmaid costume to lead ghost tour pub crawls through the old red light district of Denver.

Alex Castanon

Molly Johanson @DoingThePigeon
Queens, New York

Molly majored in Food and Birds during her undergraduate study, and her passion for both has persisted since moving to New York from her verdant Portland, Oregon home. Surrounded by Pigeons and dollar pizza, Molly spends her days cooking up design ideas for Silver Spork. When she is not doing that, you’ll probably find her at the book store where she works, attempting to carry too many books saying “nah, it’s cool. I got it”. You can see more of her work at


Kirsten Martin @EmojiGrandma
San Francisco, California

Kirsten loves snacks. In high school, she founded “Snack Club,” a discussion-based group dedicated to the thoughtful consumption and contemplation of snacks. She credits her days in Snack Club with giving her the vocabulary to think and write critically about food and its importance in our daily lives. Ever unemployed and currently chilling in Half Moon Bay, California, she divides her time between binge-watching teen dramas and dreaming up ways to spin her English major into something useful.

Silver Spork News Kirsten Martin

Angeli Rafer @teawiththedevil
Somewhere in New Jersey

Angeli is a NYC native, an armchair food historian, and a veteran of the New York Cupcake Wars. She is also an avid cook—who happily shares her creations with Silver Sporkers—and relies on her Foodie Sense to recommend new-to-New-Yorkers places to eat and cuisines that they just have to try.  Somehow, she also finds time to draw and happily creates visual feasts for the eyes with art for the site. You can see more of her work at (Spoiler: Though she seems like a kind and cheerful member of the Silver Spork team, she actually betrays everyone in Season 2; stay tuned).

Silver Spork News Angeli Rafer

Stephanie Cohen
Boston, Massachussetts

Stephanie loves to visit new places — she has been to 3 different continents, 7 countries, and 23 states thus far. To loosely quote her favorite Marvel superhero film, “With Great Travels Comes Great Responsibility {To Try New Food}.”  After moving entirely up the East Coast, Stephanie currently lives in Boston, which caters to her love of art museums, historic architecture, and consuming lobster rolls whilst overlooking the harbor and exploring the city.

Stephanie spends her workday at an academic publishing house downtown and has an endless appetite for literature. She loves to paint, run, write Children’s/YA Literature, cook for holiday dinners, edit a literary journal, and explore in her free time. She learned to be creative with food at a young age, and was raised in a family that does not believe in carbonated drinks, fast food or microwaved TV dinners.

IMG_4139 (1)

Kylie Torres @Torrpk
Atlanta, Georgia

Kylie is in a serious relationship with carbs. She also is obsessed with Bloody Marys. Kylie is extremely committed to all things Disney and aspires to marry Agent Peggy Carter.
Kylie hails from Michigan but has no real home. She just sort of wonders from place to place. The only stable structure in her life is Starbucks, which she considers her holy place.
Kylie’s cooking skills come from her decision to go vegan in high school. No one in her family was vegan so she had to learn to cook. With that being said, Kylie has no vegan friends. If you’re a vegan please be her friend. She’s getting desperate. You guys can huff nutritional yeast flakes together and have hummus eating contests. She is a level 20 vegan, so if you’re below her ranking, please, do not inquire.

Kylie Torres Silver Spork

Grace Tweedy @TweedsMcGeeds
San Antonio, Texas

Grace is a professional writer and Facebook stalker with a serious addiction to food. You will always find her sneaking food from the refrigerator, stopping at food trucks for free smells, or taking food off of the plates of her friends and family. She never says no to free samples or cookie dough. Food is life. Currently living in San Antonio, Grace hopes to move out east to experience real Philly cheesesteaks, Ray’s Original pizza, and anything else she can get her hands on. Aside from eating, Grace does very little and is quite content with that.

IMG_1080 (2)

Lian Weinstein @lian_weinstein
Brooklyn, New York

Sometimes Lian writes for Silver Spork News. Other times she just giggles in the background of meetings. Ya know, typical contribution stuff. Sometimes she gets unruly and the other staff members have to get out the spray bottle. And sometimes she rides little dogs. Poor little dogs…

Silver Spork News Lian Weinstein

Frequent Collaborators
Eli Becker
Katie Paige